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CACIM (India Institute for Critical Action Centre in Movement) is an initiative towards cultivating and nurturing a culture of critical reflexivity and action in individual and public work. It sees critical thinking and reflection, and critical engagement, and though this critical action, as contributing to broader and more effective transformational social power. We primarily work by building and maintaining real and virtual spaces for fundamental research and critical reflection, exploration, action, and creation in the field of movement: books, seminars, workshops, websites, listserves, and news bulletins and action alerts. Initiated in India in 2005, CACIM is transnational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary in its vision and culture.


In a longer frame, CACIM has also grown out of an earlier experiment named Critical Action that existed during 2001-05 between scholar-activists in different parts of the world; and of several years prior to that, of research into and direct involvement in the history and dynamics of social and political movement, by several CA members. This experiment focused on the critical study of, reflection and exchange on, and engagement in emerging social and political movement, and in particular the World Social Forum.
CACIM was registered as a non-profit company in India in July 2005. In early 2007, it has taken the first steps in establishing a new initiative in publishing critical thought, OpenWord.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stimulate multiple learning centres across disciplines and cultures, and support and encourage all those involved in different ways with movements- activists, researchers and teachers, professionals, artists and composers, and thinkers, both mature and young, and both from the civil and incivil worlds. CACIM’s work is about promoting criticality in socio-political action and movement.
CACIM works to strengthen the capacities and effectiveness of movements, and of activists in movements and of their supporters, through helping them develop a deeper than usual analysis of broader political, social, and economic structures and dynamics that underline the problems.A related goal is to help movements to build mutually supportive alliances instead of operating alone on single issues.

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